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gunung payung

Located on the Bukit peninsula, approximately 2 kilometres east of the Timbis site, Gunung Payung is often flyable when the winds are too easterly at Timbis.

Gunung Payung launch is 60 metres amsl and is flyable in east-south-east through south winds. Best flown early to mid dry season (June - August), the site is not recommended for novice pilots however as there are no beach landing options beneath launch at high tide. Even at low tide, the narrow beach is very restrictive.

Timbis Flying Club members are available on-site to offer local knowledge and lend a helping hand. Refreshments and snacks are also available.

In good east-south-east through south-east winds it is possible to launch from Gunung Payung and fly the ridge a few kilometres to the east and soar the Nikko Hotel complex. Landing options near the Nikko however are very limited!

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Whilst airborne, if you fly with your legs together and ankles crossed, it is alot easier to shift your weight in the harness than when flying with your legs apart.

"a pilot must have a memory developed to absolute perfection, but there are two higher qualities which he also must have... he must have good and quick judgment and decision, and a cool, calm courage that no peril can shake"

Mark Twain

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