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Candi Dasa is a small resort town located on the east coast of Bali about two hours drive from Denpasar. The site offers both coastal soaring and thermal flying, often making it possible to reach cloud base. It is not recommended for novice pilots however as the takeoff area is quite restrictive.

Launch is at 250 metres amsl and about a 30 minute climb from the road. Porters are available to carry your equipment to the takeoff for a (negotiable) fee. The site is flyable in south-east through south winds, best flown in the afternoon as most mornings offer nil to light winds.

There are no top-landing options available at Candi Dasa, but there is plenty of black sand beach even at high tide for a bottom landing.

On good thermal days it is possible to fly cross country from Candi Dasa over traditional Balinese villages and terraced rice paddies towards mount Agung.

Whilst in the Candi Dasa area, visit the royal pools of Tirta Gangga or perhaps the WW II shipwreck at Tulamben.

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Before turning the glider, turn your head first and look! Especially whilst ridge soaring. Gliders can have a tendancy to sneak up on you.

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