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batur volcano

When it comes to thermal activity, nothing beats a volcano! Luckily, mount Batur (1710 metres amsl) is a dormant volcano.

Batur is an inland mountain site about 1� hours north of Denpasar with great thermal potential, often making it possible to reach cloud base. It is not recommended for novice pilots however as the takeoff area is restrictive and quite steep.

Launch is at 650 metres amsl looking south, about a 60 minute climb from the village of Toyabungkah. Porters are available to carry your equipment to the takeoff for a (negotiable) fee. The site takes south-east through south-west winds and is best flown in the morning as thick cloud development and strong winds frequently commence around noon.

There are no top-landing options available at the Batur site - the designated landing zone is the shoreline of Lake Batur.

After you've landed, relax in the hot springs at Lake Batur; or enjoy lunch and views of the crater, lake and mountain at Kintamani.

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