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welcome to flyingfysh.com!

Nice of you to drop in. You�ve landed at the web space of flyingfysh.com, an independent Sydney, Australia based promotions and productions group.

Our purpose here at Flying Fysh is threefold:

  • further the public interest in paragliding as a sport and recreational activity

  • promote the international good will and spirit of friendship that paragliding attracts, and

  • present Australian paragliding services (and complimentary service providers) to a national and international audience

Our philosophy is a simple one; use imagination and ingenuity with integrity.

Despite having hosted numerous international paragliding competitions, including the Paragliding World Cup a few years ago in Bright, Victoria, paragliding in Australia is still relatively unknown. It can truly be said that free flight is still the dream of many Australians but the reality of a few.

As a means to foster fact and advice, flyingfysh.com was authored, wholly by Australian paraglider pilots, for the information of fellow local and international pilots, those with a desire to be a paraglider pilot or anyone generally looking for paragliding information. It's taken considerable time, though we think the wait has been worth giving you the best possible online resource solely dedicated to paragliding. We hope our (new internet) presence is felt, both locally and overseas.

There really is no other feeling quite like being say 3,500 ft up in the sky - no motor, no cockpit, no rigid structure. The wind in your face, sometimes biting cold. Nothing else above you except perhaps clouds and the occasional bird of prey on the wing. All the pettiness of the everyday (literally!) beneath you - it truly is a humbling experience. Paragliding at height will often bring a person back down to earth (pardon the pun!).

Whether your goal is to acquire general knowledge, to experience passage on a tandem free flight or perhaps to eventually fly solo as pilot in command, we hope the information contained herein leads to a paragliding adventure you'll never forget!

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An additional item recommended on all paraglider free-flights is a camera. A picture tells a thousand words... handy if you're ever left speechless about your adventure!

"no one can realize how substantial the air is, until he feels its supporting power beneath him... it inspires confidence at once"

Otto Lilienthal

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